How to Train Your Bulldog Puppy

The Bulldog, a symbol of England since the 1500s and considered one of the elite breeds of dogs in the modern world. No wonder bulldogs are so loved as pets all over the world. Aside from being courageous and bull-headed, training your bulldog puppy can be quite difficult especially if your pup is stubborn or adventurous in your home.

Choosing Your Puppy

Always remember to consider the important factors when choosing your bulldog puppy. One factor to consider is their health, because bulldogs are prone to many health problems, from birth and their high mortality rate. Try choosing a puppy that’s at least 8 weeks old, friendly, and not aggressive. Also make sure that it is in good health by consulting with a vet. This is because there are a various health problems that a bulldog puppy might have, especially regarding their ears and noses.

You should start training your bulldog puppy training as soon as you bring your puppy home, but remember to only train the dog if it is old enough and has been socialized properly. The puppy should be at least 10 weeks old and has to be socialized properly with people and other dogs. By doing this you prevent creation of any kind of excess aggression issues.

Training Your Bulldog Puppy

After making sure that your puppy is old enough, you can start training it with basic housetraining. Bulldogs are especially stubborn at a young age, so try using crate training at home as much as possible during house breaking. But it will take a bit longer than usual to finalize the housebreaking process. But when a Bulldog completes the housebreaking process it will be really careful not to destroy or violate its home.

And after you’ve finished and established all the basics, you can start creating an environment and show that you are alpha pack leader. You can train your bulldog puppy not to bite or nip by using toys and a clear whining sound to show that it hurts. And remember to not allow your puppy to jump on the couch nor let it sleep in your bed. And also don’t forget to use the crate as much as possible in these early months to know how long the puppy can stay in there.

When you train your bulldog puppy, you should move into the obedience phase between 3 and 6 months and focus on the basic commands such as sitting, lying down, staying, focusing on you, coming when called, waiting indoors and also not pulling on the leash.

You’ll also notice that a Bulldog is very skilled on picking up on these cues, but at first they may not want to follow your lead because of their strong and stubborn nature.

Using Bulldog Puppy Training to Protect Them

Unlike other small breeds of dogs, bulldogs have a higher risk of being in trouble. This is partly because of their innate curiosity and courageous nature. You must teach your bulldog not to chase cars, to stop at the curb, and always make sure that they don’t run away from you in public. And also remember not to take off your bulldog’s leash until you’re sure that it will return when you call them and also train them to not run too far from you.

Although it might seem that when you get your little friend, proper Bulldog puppy training is a bit tougher than usual. But you’ll eventually find out that a bulldog is one of the most loyal and attentive dogs you could possibly have. And since they’re stubborn in nature they will stay by your side, follow your instructions and stay neat indoors. But you have to establish the rules early to make sure that they follow your instructions in the future.